1.    Introduction: The Act passed by the parliament is presumed to be constitutional. It is the enforceable within the territory of India unless, the application of the Act is exempted in the Act itself for specified territory. If any person aggrieved by any of the provisions of the Act passed by parliament, claiming it to […]

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The Status of Legal Person Defined Under Private International Law

1.   Introduction: The legal system recognises two kinds of persons viz., Human Being and Legal Persons identified by law, whereas the International Law recognises several personalities. They are mainly categorised into two: the state actors and the non-state actors. The state actors include the nation-states, governments, consulates, the authorities which are sovereign bodies. On the […]


Challenges faced by environmental activist

An activist is a person who takes participation actively to bring in social change, to change and direct the policies of the government and to change the mindset of people. Environmental activist is a very special category. The environmental activist puts all his efforts to maintain the status-quo of the nature and the minimum exploitation […]